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Re: emebedding guile line command interpretor

From: Ariel Rios
Subject: Re: emebedding guile line command interpretor
Date: 28 Feb 2001 19:50:42 -0500

On 28 Feb 2001 13:30:08 -0600, Rob Browning wrote:

> This is nice, but for some things I'm thinking about, I'd want
> readline.  After the gnome zvt suggestion, I'm wondering how hard it
> might be to wire that up to gnucash so that it pops up when you press
> a button.  I need to think more about when it would be safe to call
> gh_eval_str on the forms from the guile terminal sub-process, and
> about whether or not readline would actually work there.
I have built a nice GtkWidget that implements a guile devel environment

ala Dr Scheme (i.e. one text widget for editing and the other for
evaluation) that is also available
as a nice bonobo component. At the moment it is only available in GNOME
under the guile-repl module


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