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Re: How Many Different Ways Do I Suck?

From: Evan Prodromou
Subject: Re: How Many Different Ways Do I Suck?
Date: 03 Jun 2001 13:09:46 -0700
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>>>>> "EP" == Evan Prodromou <address@hidden> writes:

    EP> So, I have a question here that's bugging me quite a
    EP> bit. Attached below is a simple script for running a threaded
    EP> socket server. Sadly, it does not work -- the dbg output
    EP> usually stops in the middle of printing out "Calling
    EP> handler.".

Hey, so, I grabbed the fine (ttn personal) collection of modules and
was able to extract the fine (ttn listener) code. I guess I was
missing a (select) call, which now that I've added it in, everything
works hunky-dory.

If anyone bothered looking at my code, look no more!


Evan Prodromou

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