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Re: leaf environments vs eval environments?

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: leaf environments vs eval environments?
Date: 22 Jun 2001 17:54:04 +0300
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Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:

>     Lars> If this doesn't work, what is the recommended method for
>     Lars> doing what I'm trying to do?  A static/global this-binding
>     Lars> isn't an option - it must be local to the evaluation.
> ... but I'm afraid I don't know how you should do this.  Hopefully
> someone else will have the answer later.

the thing to do is to stop fiddling with experimental and potentially
expensive features (like environments), and instead to make "this" a


so your evaluation would proceed like this:

scm_c_with_fluid (this_fluid, AS_SMOB (this), call_string_evaluating_method, 

and `call_string_evaluating_method' is defined thusly:

extern "C" void
call_string_evaluating_method (StringEvaluatingClass *obj)
   obj->do_string_evaluation ();

see also `scm_c_with_fluids' if you want to bind several things this way.

assuming I understood what you wanted,

May all your PUSHes be POPped.

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