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Re: Debugging

From: Thomas Wawrzinek
Subject: Re: Debugging
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:14:19 +0200 (MEST)


 > >>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Bushnell, BSG <address@hidden> writes:
 >     Thomas> I can't find out how to single step in the guile debugger,
 >     Thomas> let alone have it interface well with my emacs.  And what
 >     Thomas> about breakpoints?
 > There's a (supposedly) portable scheme debugger available at:
 > has anyone had any luck getting this to work with Guile?  Some
 > problems I'm having are that psd.el seems to want to set buffer local
 > variables but have them available in both the source and interpretter
 > file.
 > It also uses slib and I'm having trouble getting that to work.  There
 > are some naming issues (like the text sent to the interpreter calls
 > (require 'portable-scheme-debugger) which isn't provided by any of the
 > psd files).  Hacking a bit I can get the require to work but none of
 > the functions become available, and there are too many other loose
 > ends (between the Scheme and the Elisp) for this to be a quick fix.

You can get it from

Here are my changes to psd-slib.scm:

--- /home/thomas/public/ftp/psd-1.2.1/psd-slib.scm      Sat Nov 11 19:28:13
+++ psd-slib.scm        Wed Jun 27 09:08:05 2001
@@ -33,17 +33,20 @@
 ;;;; SLIB interface to load psd files.
+(use-modules (ice-9 slib))
+(set! *load-pathname* "/usr/local/share/guile/psd/")
 ;;; this is not portable.
 (define psd:control-z (integer->char 26))
 ;;; If you are using slib, use the following.
 (require 'debug)
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "version" (scheme-file-suffix)))
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "instrum" (scheme-file-suffix)))
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "pexpr" (scheme-file-suffix)))
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "read" (scheme-file-suffix)))
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "runtime" (scheme-file-suffix)))
-(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "primitives" (scheme-file-suffix)))
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "version" 
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "instrum" 
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "pexpr" 
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "read" 
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "runtime" 
+(load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) (string-append "primitives" 
 ;;; Say hello

--------------- snip ------------------

And that's in my .emacs:

(load "psd")
  '(scheme-program-name "guile"))

Note, that it's only R4RS, and ISTR it says somewhere in the docs it doesn't
understand syntax-rules/syntax-case macros.

Also, it needs to instrument the code, so I have no idea how well it
understands guile internals ...

Was only playing around a bit with it so far.

HTH, anyway. Regards,


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