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Re: Debugging with PSD

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Debugging with PSD
Date: 28 Jun 2001 18:58:37 +0100
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>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Shinn <address@hidden> writes:

    Alex> Also from gdb, Skip is very nice.  Though I'm not sure what
    Alex> this would mean for arbitrary sexps... maybe start by only
    Alex> allowing Skip at the top level and in lambda/let bodies,
    Alex> then optionally extend to "Skip as #t/#f" for conditional
    Alex> tests, and "Skip as value" for arbitrary expressions.

Hmm...  Substituting a different value for an expression seems easy
enough, but skipping the side effects of an expression feels harder.

    Alex> And if you want the ultimate Guile debugger (to answer your
    Alex> question all that's really important is step/get/set :) it
    Alex> would be nice to be able to step back and forth through both
    Alex> Scheme and C interchangeably.  After all, Guile is designed
    Alex> for embedding/extending.  I'm not sure how this would be
    Alex> done though... maybe run an inferior C debugger in a
    Alex> subprocess?

This would indeed be very cool.  But for the moment I'm sticking to
the Scheme level.  Thanks for your input!


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