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can gh_run_hook return value??

From: M.P.Anand Babu
Subject: can gh_run_hook return value??
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 03:37:59 +0530 (IST)

  SCM gh_run_hook (SCM hook, SCM args)
  ^ is this the value returned by hook ?

I tried returning a list from a hook and 
when i do a gh_list_p on the returned 
SCM object, it says not a list :(

here is the hook procedure returning a list with "from"
and "message"

;; [reveice hook section starts]
(add-hook! gy-msg-receive-hook (lambda (from msg)
                                 (define history-file (open-file 
"/root/.gnuyahoo/history" "a"))
                                 (define log (string-append from " -> " msg 
                                 (display log history-file)
                                 (close-output-port history-file)
                                 (list from msg)))
;; [reveice hook section ends]

Here is the c code.
If I run a gh_list_p on hook_return, it returns false !!
SCM hook_return; 
hook_return = scm_run_hook (get_gy_msg_receive_hook (),
                            gh_list (gh_str02scm (pkt->msg_id),
                                     gh_str02scm (pkt->msg), SCM_UNDEFINED));

if (gh_list_p (hook_return))
  this fails, gh_list_p(...) returns false)

please help
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