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Fight Back For Guile!

From: Evan Prodromou
Subject: Fight Back For Guile!
Date: 05 Jul 2001 14:18:24 -0700
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Hey, so, I know this is a Slashdotted link, but I was interested to
see that this programming contest:

...has support for submissions in Guile:

...albeit in the somewhat crufty 1.3.4 version. 

*I* think that it would be a SCORE for GUILE to have at least a
submission, if not a winning entry, in Guile and especially from a
Guile-oriented users.

So I propose that interested parties who feel like making this happen
should unite under a common banner ("GLUG" would be a good one --
ttn?) and get ready to make a submission.

One way to get ready might be to try a couple of practice problems
(like maybe some of the [h] problems from PAIP...?) and get the
process straight before the actual contest, so that we work like a
well-oiled machine right out of the box.

Is anyone else interested?


P.S. It looks like they're willing to install anything that has an RPM
for RedHat 7.1, so it might be possible to get them to upgrade to 1.4
or even a 1.5 snapshot.

Evan Prodromou

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