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ANNOUNCE: SWIG 1.3.6 makes glue code from annotated C header files

From: Matthias Koeppe
Subject: ANNOUNCE: SWIG 1.3.6 makes glue code from annotated C header files
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 19:01:14 +0200
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This is to announce release 1.3.6 of the Simplified Wrapper and
Interface Generator (

SWIG is a compiler that integrates C and C++ with languages including
Perl, Python, Tcl, Guile, Mzscheme, Java and Ruby.  SWIG reads
annotated C/C++ header files and creates wrapper code (glue code) in
order to make the corresponding C/C++ libraries available to the
listed languages, or to extend C/C++ programs with a scripting
language.  SWIG is available under a BSD-style license.

Release 1.3.6 features a much improved Guile support, compared with
versions 1.3a5 and 1.1p5.
All Guile versions 1.3.4 through 1.6.0 are supported.

The official announcement is attached below.  An (inofficial) Debian
package is available from the following APT source:  /

-- Matthias

*** ANNOUNCE: SWIG 1.3.6 ***

July 9, 2001


We're pleased to announce the next installment of the SWIG1.3
redevelopment effort.  This release represents a new stable release of
SWIG, aiming to replace versions 1.1p5 and 1.1-883.  It has been
derived from the reasonably stable release 1.3a5; many bugs have been
fixed since, the Java module has been brought back into action, and
the Guile module has been improved a lot.

The release is available for download on Sourceforge at

What's new?
On the surface, this release still looks a lot like SWIG1.1p5 except
that a lot of bugs have been fixed and the language modules tend to
generate smaller and more efficient wrappers. New modules have also
been added to support Java, Ruby and Mzscheme. In addition, Python, Perl,
and Guile support has been enhanced to support new releases such as
Python2.1 and Perl5.6. 

Under the hood, you will find that this release is an almost complete
reimplementation of SWIG's internals.  In fact the only code that
still remains from SWIG1.1 is the C/C++ parser and the language
modules (all of which have undergone significant changes as well).  As
a result, a lot of minor improvements can be found throughout the
system and things that used to cause problems may now work (for
instance, pointers to functions are now supported).  In addition, this
release incorporates a number of feature requests that have been made
on the mailing list.

What's broken?
As this is a work in progress, a number of features are still missing
or incomplete.  The documentation system is still missing and won't be
reimplemented for some time. C++ programmers who make
extensive use of typemaps may encounter a few strange problems
(although SWIG will generate warning messages).

We need your help!
Even if you are perfectly happy with SWIG1.1, we can use your
feedback.  First, we like to know about compilation problems and other
issues concerning the building of SWIG.  Second, if SWIG1.3 is unable
to compile your old interface files, we would like to get information
about the features you are using.  This information will help us find
bugs in the SWIG1.3 release, develop techniques for supporting
backwards compatibility, and write documentation that addresses
specific issues related to migrating from SWIG1.1 to SWIG1.3.
Finally, we are still looking for volunteers to work on aspects of
SWIG development.  Please send email to address@hidden for

Please report problems with this release to address@hidden

--- The SWIG Developers

David Beazley 
Thien-Thi Nguyen
Matthias Köppe
Masaki Fukushima
Loic Dachary
William Fulton

Matthias Köppe --

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