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Re: guile-gtk?

From: Ariel Rios
Subject: Re: guile-gtk?
Date: 14 Jul 2001 22:11:30 -0400

On 14 Jul 2001 05:09:56 -0700, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> We're having real trouble here building guile-gtk; with the
> current Guile and version 0.19, it complains about scm_listify; with the
> 0.21pre gnome cvs version, it wouldn't build even with the
> following set of tools:
First of all thank for your interest in gnome-guile and guile-gtk.
The problem is that the version pre version you pulled is not a 
guile-gtk version but a gnome-guile one. I have only made
a gnome-guile 0.21 pre version.

You should go to CVS and get guile-gtk and not gnome-guile.

> and now I can't even access the site!  Surely
> it shouldn't be this hard?  Perhaps someone not married to
> Gnome should handle this package.

I am in love with GNOME and Scheme. Does that makes me a bad


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