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gh_define() and gh_eval_str()

From: Federico Di Gregorio
Subject: gh_define() and gh_eval_str()
Date: 19 Jul 2001 20:45:23 +0200


playing a little bit with the gh interface, just to familiarize myself,
i had the following problem. i tought that all the gh_ functions worked
in the same environment (the top level one, to be precise). so i tried:

        gh_define("x", gh_int2scm(2));
        gh_define("y", gh_int2scm(3));
        code = gh_eval_str("(lambda () (display (+ x y)))");

and obtained a nice error:

        ERROR: Unbound variable: @

mmm... my idea would be that the lambda is not closing on the same
environment used by gh_define(), but i know to few about guile internals
to even have an idea.

another little question: it is possible to somewhat create an
environment and then have gh_eval_str() compile code closing on that

this is my first time here (after lurking for some time),
hello to everybody,

Federico Di Gregorio
MIXAD LIVE Chief of Research & Technology              address@hidden
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        address@hidden
                           Don't dream it. Be it. -- Dr. Frank'n'further

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