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"server side includes" in mgrabmue-pers-scheme webserver

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: "server side includes" in mgrabmue-pers-scheme webserver
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 06:45:31 -0700

hello martin,

i've added `#include' and `#exec' "server-side include" capability to
the webserver bundled w/ mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2.  please find the
patch in dir:

i've excerpted the README from that directory below.  looking forward to
these changes finding their way into mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.3!  (the
only wart is requiring `(ttn shell-command-to-string)' -- this is fine
for me, but maybe you want to remove that dependency for some reason.)


2001/07/27 06:24:06 -- mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2
                    -- add "server side includes" to webserver
                    -- change dynamic url handling to key off regexp
                    -- add guile-1.5.x support

  gzip -dc mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2.tar.gz | tar xf -
  mv mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2 mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2ttn1
  cd mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2ttn1
  gzip -dc ../mgrabmue-pers-scheme-0.0.2-0.0.2ttn1.diff.gz | patch -p 1


  * Handle guile-1.5, also.
  * mgrabmue/http.scm: Also use module `(ice-9 rw)'.
    (read-content): Rewrite.  Export.
  * mgrabmue/webserver.scm: Also use modules `(ice-9 common-list)'
    and `(ttn shell-command-to-string)'.
    (ssi-handler): New proc.
    (dynamic-url-handlers): Revise format; key is
    now compiled regexp, as opposed to URL prefix.
    (add-dynamic-handler!): Make sure to compile regexp.
    (find-dynamic-handler): Rewrite.
    (handle-dynamic-url): Clean up; nfc.

[excerpt ends here]

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