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Where to get goops

From: tomas
Subject: Where to get goops
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 10:30:11 +0200
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Hi, co-guilers

I'm trying to get (again) my toe into guile waters. Therefore
I downloaded guile 1.4 and have got Evan's (net http). This
requires (oop goops). There is no obvious place to get that
from (google led me to Mikael's page <>.

Well, it doesn't compile.

I'll try to sneak my way around this. I'm mainly posting this
because it might make life of newbies easier. My complaints
would be:

  - no obvious way to get GOOPS (the Gnu projects page where you
    are supposed to get Guile has no link).

  - there seems to be a phase shift between the GOOPSes out
    there and the official stable Guile version

-- tomas

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