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guile-1.4 and GOOPS

From: tomas
Subject: guile-1.4 and GOOPS
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 13:45:07 +0200
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it's me again. Now (oop goops) loads well -- next issue. When
trying to load (net http):

| guile> (use-modules (net http))
| /usr/local/share/guile/site/net/http/message.scm:70:1: In expression \
|     (define-method (header-set! # name ...) (set! # #)):
| /usr/local/share/guile/site/net/http/message.scm:70:1: bad method name: %S
| ABORT: (goops-error)

I see two issues: first, something seems wrong with (net http); second,
I don't see which method name is bad, because (oop goops) uses `%S' in
its format strings instead of the more modern `~S'.

-- tomas

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