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Re: advice needed: (or 'guile 'clisp)

From: Ivan Petrovich
Subject: Re: advice needed: (or 'guile 'clisp)
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 13:03:44 -0600
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Bernard Urban a e'crit:

> I have not done rigourous benchmark, but guile and clisp seem to me in the
> same league from this point of view; if you want fast floating point
> operations, look at cmucl.

How do Clisp and cmucl compare in other areas?

> objects: atoms, lists and vectors), as you suggest in point 3) for a pure
> guile implementation.

Or pure Common Lisp. But I am unsure of the feasibility of performing
IPC & networking with pure Common Lisp code. How do you think?

> common-lisp and scheme, that is the availability of some graphical
> toolkit in common-lisp (I use Garnet), which have no equivalent in the
> scheme world. 

Does scheme have an interface to gtk+? I wanted to use GNUPlot for
graphing and have planned to 'control' GNUPlot using IPC
(pipes/etc). There thre better interfaces available?

> I am working on a RPC implementation in guile (I have one for
> common-lisp), which would solve the kind of interprocess communication
> problem you have.

Could you give me the URL for these please?

Thanks a lot for everything!

p.s. One major reason why I am considering using Common Lisp over
guile is the availability of documentations. Much of guile is
undocumented. And I have a hard time building from the source. I hope
that will change.

Emacs said, "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life."
 -- Richard 14:6

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