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Re: guile-debugger-0.1 available

From: Thomas Wawrzinek
Subject: Re: guile-debugger-0.1 available
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 11:04:32 +0200 (MEST)


 > Please find guile-debugger-0.1 available at

Fine! I started playing around with it, but more documentation would be
helpful ...

Apart from that, I keep getting an error when trying to use the step command
(maybe because I haven't understood its intended use?!):

guile> (use-modules (ossau debugger) (ossau fns))
guile> (define (f a b)
... (+ a b))
guile> (debugh)
This is the Guile debugger; type `help' for help.
There is 1 frame on the stack.

Frame 0:    [primitive-eval (debugh)]
debug> break-apply f
debug> quit
guile> (f 1 2)
BREAK: about to apply #<procedure f (a b)> to args (1 2) [non-tail call]
Frame 1:    [f 1 2]
debug> help step
Continue program execution until the @var{n}th next application.
debug> step 1
ERROR (wrong-number-of-args): #f Wrong number of arguments to ~A
(#<procedure add-apply-trap-handler! (description handler . lambda*:G0)>) #f
debug> quit
guile> (quit)



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