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string to expression

From: Mr. Peter Ivanyi
Subject: string to expression
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:28:20 +0100


I am definitely a new user to guile, though I have programmed in Lisp
a couple of years ago. My current problem is that I would like to 
convert a string into an expression, something like this:

  # (define a "1 2 3")
  # (read (string-append "(" a ")"))
  (1 2 3)

and this would be a list with three numbers. I could not find any way
to do it, except to write it into a file and read it back, but I 
definitely want to avoid that ! How can I do it ? Any suggestion ?
(I do not particularly want to parse the string myself to get
the expression.)

Thanks in advance,

                                        Peter Ivanyi

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