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Re: Possible bug with re-export, :select and GOOPS accessors?!

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: Possible bug with re-export, :select and GOOPS accessors?!
Date: 22 Aug 2001 21:23:51 +0200
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Thomas Wawrzinek <address@hidden> writes:

> The following patch fixes my problem. Seems, that (module-re-export! ...)
> uses (module-variable ...) instead of (module-local-variable ...), so I
> added it to (resolve-interface ...).

Can you try the patch below?  If it works for your, I'll apply it.  It
gets the variable from the public interface of the module instead of
from the module itself, which ought to be the right thing.

(re-exported variables have no binding in the module doing the
re-exporting itself, but they have a binding in the public interface
of that module.)

--- boot-9.scm.~     Fri Jul 13 00:39:37 2001
+++ boot-9.scm  Wed Aug 22 21:02:24 2001
@@ -1712,11 +1712,11 @@
                              (orig (if direct? bspec (car bspec)))
                              (seen (if direct? bspec (cdr bspec))))
                         (module-add! custom-i (renamer seen)
-                                     (or (module-local-variable module orig)
+                                     (or (module-local-variable public-i orig)
                                           ;; fixme: format manually for now
-                                           #f "no binding `~A' in module ~A"
+                                           #f "no binding `~A' exported from 
module ~A"
                                            orig name))))))

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