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ttn-pers-scheme 0.22 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.22 available
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 00:38:18 -0700

bonjour mes amis,

another maintenance release.  thanks to David Pirotte for showing me
what /bin/ls running on his machine is capable of outputting!  NEWS
excerpt follows.  tarball and friends are in dir:

observant downloaders will notice "pgmeta" stuff -- those files are
marked "Exp" (as opposed to "Rel") and can be ignored (for now).  also,
benchmark results are copied from 0.21; benchmarking step was skipped
for this release since no Real Code changed.


- VERSION 0.22 (released 2001/08/26)

  - "make check" for `call-process' no longer looks for exact string match

        Part of the testing for (ttn shellutils) proc `call-process' is
        to check the buffer caputuring standard error for non-successful
        calls.  Previously, the stderr output was subject to direct
        string comparison w/ an expected value.  This methodology fails,
        however, when the locale differs from that of the author's,
        since a localized error message will be unlikely to match
        directly, even though the behavior is correct.  (In this case,
        /bin/ls stderr in French is definitely not the same as that in

        Thus, these tests now check that the stderr buffer is non-empty
        instead of doing a string match.  This is less rigorous than
        before, but the alternative is to dig deep into localization
        issues, which is somewhat of a pain.

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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