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Re: lost: guile 1.7.0 doesn't look to GUILE_LOAD_PATH ?

From: Thomas Wawrzinek
Subject: Re: lost: guile 1.7.0 doesn't look to GUILE_LOAD_PATH ?
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:51:51 +0200 (MEST)


address@hidden wrote:

 > both my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and /etc/ are well configured
 > so still lost!

I assume then, that this is a Linux system.

 > > If all this is correct, too, then I'm as lost as you are. You then should 
 > > really check what libltdl is doing ...

 > i don't know how to do this, it is behond my skill, never done it before,
 > can you tell me what to do? (otherwise, i'll get back to previous guile 
 > version,
 > don't take to much time on this for me, and thanks anyway)

One way would be trying to debug libltdl, that comes with guile directly.

What I think of is using a tool that monitors system calls. On Linux this is
`strace' (there are similar tools on other Unixes, but with different

Do the following:

$ strace -o xx guile -s <yourscript>
$ vi xx

Then look for the open(...) calls in `xx'. That can tell you what libltdl is
doing and may provide hints about what is wrong. Note that not all calls to
open() are from libltdl, so to narrow this down, look for those who try
something with "postgres".

I' afraid I can't tell you more than that at this stage without the output
from strace.



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