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Re: Using Guile in C for program startup config

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Using Guile in C for program startup config
Date: 29 Aug 2001 08:14:38 +0100
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>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Hammer <address@hidden> writes:

    Luke> Hello, Loving Emacs as I do, I jumped at the opportunity to
    Luke> use a LISPish interface in a program of my own, and so I
    Luke> have recently been tinkering with embedding Guile (using a
    Luke> precompiled version of 1.4 for Win32) in an OpenGL particle
    Luke> system program I've been playing with, in order to have it
    Luke> load a Scheme config file and initialise some data
    Luke> structures when the program loads. Currently, I use only one
    Luke> SCM function to do this, namely load-gravdata, so the config
    Luke> file looks something like this:

    Luke> (load-gravdata 0 0 0 "save1")

    Luke> (load-gravdata 0 0 1 12.0)
    Luke> [...]

    Luke> (grav-config "save1" (point 1 '(12 13 14 0.01 1)) (point 2
    Luke> '(15 16 17 0.011 0)) [point 3 etc ...] )

Given that `load-gravdata' already works (so far as the Scheme/C
interface is concerned), you could simply implement `grav-config' on
the Scheme level as a procedure that calls `load-gravdata' as many
times as it needs to.

Something like this...  (untested, in the best tradition :-)

(define (point num coord-list)
  (cons num coord-list))

(define (grav-config name . points)
  (load-gravdata 0 0 0 name)
  (for-each (lambda (point)
              (let ((num (list-ref point 0)))
                (load-gravdata 0 num 1 (list-ref point 1))
                (load-gravdata 0 num 2 (list-ref point 2))
                (load-gravdata 0 num 3 (list-ref point 3))
                (load-gravdata 0 num 4 (list-ref point 4))
                (load-gravdata 0 num 5 (list-ref point 5))))



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