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Environments, modules, ....

From: Frederick Ros
Subject: Environments, modules, ....
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 15:05:51 +0200
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Hi All,

First of all, excuse me if this question is inaccurate/dump/....

In a C program, I'd like to iterate through the list of all known symbol
in the current environment.

Looking at the libguile code, I've been able to find that an
scm_c_environment_fold function was available, that allow me to apply a
function to each of the symbol bound in the given environment....

The problem is how to get this environment ....

I found some macros (SCM_ENV), or functions (scm_top_level_env), but the
SCM they return seems to not fit (scm_c_environment_fold complains that
this is not an environment..)

My question is : Can someone provide me with a very short code example,
or with some pointers in order to be able to get the current
environment, and to print each of the bound symbol...

Best Regards.

Frederick Ros

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