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Re: gtkentry of spinbutton

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: gtkentry of spinbutton
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 22:13:44 +0200

David Pirotte wrote:
> ...


1. is there any possibility to ask an gtkentry to align its content as below:

       1.222,25         <--- entry 1
           0,50         <--- entry 2
          10            <--- ...

well in fact, is there any gtk widget that would allow me to 'display' the 
example ?


> i'm developping an app which has a small table of entries (gtkentry) where 
> the user should
> enter numbers only, floats indeed but eventually converted to floats when 
> focusing out of
> an entry if necessary
> i'd like to have access to the functionality offered in spin-button, but not 
> displaying
> the spin-button arrows, just having the gtk-entry (because it would be uggly
> and it would take to much space in the widget ...)
> so, is it possible either:
>         - to have spin-buttons that only 'draw' their entry part
>         - to get an entry to have the functionality of the entry of a 
> spin-button
>           (passing the args as if it was a spin-button, min/max val, digits 
> ...)
> [the ideal would be to also be abble to specify a thousand seperator and a 
> decimal seperator,
>  but this is less important (and if so, it would be nice to get the value of 
> the entry
>  as a float (to pass to math functions) or as a string (to store in db)]
> thanks,
> david
> (please do not answer to use gnome stuff, it would not help, i'd need to keep
> things in gtk)
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