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Re: compiling a scheme module

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: compiling a scheme module
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 01:40:31 -0700

   From: "Masoud Pirnazar" <address@hidden>
   Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 20:50:16 -0400

   i want to write scheme code (as well as c code), but to compile some
   of the scheme code beforehand, so it will run faster.  is that

i think there is some semi-cooled current effort on integrating GNU
lightning ( into
guile; perhaps someone here can speak to that.

as for non-JIT compilation, there was a guile-1.3.4 compatible project
called "hobbit" that compiled r4rs to C code that made libguile calls --
you could generate a shared object library from this and guile was able
to load it quite nicely.  hobbit was slated for integration w/ guile-1.4
but i'm not sure if that ever happened.  at this time, it forms the
basis of the guile-comp project, and probably could use some care and
feeding (after some stabilizing life-support!).

for an example of hobbit+guile use, see my dabblings w/ THUD:

fwiw, the thud simulation engine enjoyed a 5x speedup after compilation,
which was a real rush at the time (dev box was an old P133 laptop).  if
you get it to work for you, i would love to hear some benchmark results.
(try also w/ "configure --disable-compiled-modules" to use raw scheme.)

sadly, this was a while ago, and right now everything is broken and
pushed quite deeply on my stack; i don't anticipate getting back to thud
for several more months (maybe not even this calendar year).  however,
when i do, the approach will be to use new spiffy guile and hobbit (or
guile-comp, as it may be by then) together, as before.  in the meantime,
patches are always welcome.  ;->

if you are interested in being a guile-lightning (that's what i call it,
i forget if it has an official name) or guile-comp user, i'm sure those
hackers would welcome your help in testing things out.  grep the mailing
list archives ( for
starters.  if you are a capable programmer and would like to help out in
the development of these packages, please feel free to subscribe to the
guile-devel mailing list and join the fray.


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