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Re: guile-gtk/guile-gnome docs : Looking for the FM

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: guile-gtk/guile-gnome docs : Looking for the FM
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 17:32:15 +0000

Will Schenk:
>       I've begun the process of teaching myself scheme, and I would like to
> write a gnome app as sort of a learning excerize.  (It's always easier
> with a project.)  I'm having trouble finding any documentation on how to
> do this; I can't, for that matter, seem to find example code.  (The link
> to the galway editor is password protected for some reason.)  Are there
> instructions or examples on how to write a simple gnome app?  Or gtk? 

guile-gtk is basically a very thin wrapper around gtk, so you should be able
to use a basic gtk tutorial along with a copy of the gtk*defs file to get
the translation into guile-gtk.  I would expect guile-gnome to be similar.

I'm not aware of any current tutorials written specificially for guile-gtk
at the moment, although I hope to document my new toy script to the level
where it is useful like that.  It will be some time, as it doesn't even work
fully yet.

> What is the glade support?

I've not figured that out, as you seem to need gnome to use glade.

> Sorry for all the newbie questions; [...]

No worries.  Everyone must start somewhere.

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