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etrack 0.80 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: etrack 0.80 available
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 15:24:14 -0800

greetings earthlings!

  ( yes "e" is for expenses
    which build up especially
    due to lack of employment
    although i use emacs
    to keep myself entertained
    which is quite enough.  ;-)

NEWS file below.  tarball and friends in dir:


- VERSION 0.80 (released 2002-01-14)
  - New configuration field `name' is a string (see example.etrack.conf)
  - Screen updates are smoother, no more "thinking ... please wait"
  - Showing query by month now also displays a histogram and percentages
  - (Administrative) "etrack -b" allows you to use the backend in cli mode

- VERSION 0.6 (released 2001-12-21)
  - Configuration can now be done by users using a run-time config file
    - Database backend connection
    - Simple queries
    - Drill-down queries
  - Env var ETRACK_CONFIG *must* be set to point to the config file
  - An example configuration file is now installed in PREFIX/share/etrack
  - You can now invoke etrack from the shell w/ command "etrack"
  - ChangeLog file now also installed in PREFIX/share/etrack
  - Build-time configuration is more complete

- VERSION 0.4 (released 2001-12-19)
  - When viewing, "m" and "M" are only available after a query
  - New calendar command shows current month, YYYY, or MM YYYY
  - Top-level keybindings are regularized:
    - "1" through "4" for expense entries
    - "c", "m", "a", "v", "q" for everything else
  - Categories are shown for all queries (under abbreviated heading "cat")
  - Category "startup" has been deleted
  - Category "gas" has been replaced with "vehicle"
  - New queries: "v/gas", "v/car", "v/moto" and "v/bike"

- VERSION 0.2 (released 2001-12-18)
  - Top-level menu reorganized
  - Each top-level command now logs execution on a different "page"
  - Queries now selected by typing a number instead of a letter
  - After query when viewing, "m" shows by month, "M" lets you select a range
  - When viewing, "P" and "N" switch to previous and next pages
  - Session log (all the pages) can be mailed to anyone, not just ttn
  - Errors are handled more gracefully (e.g., non-existent query selection)
  - Table formatting less cluttered
  - "About" screen now includes version info and NEWS
  - Logging now excludes the menus

- VERSION 0.0 (released 2001-04-01)

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