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Re: out-of-order GC

From: Egil Moeller
Subject: Re: out-of-order GC
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 11:57:03 +0100 (CET)

>    Fortunately, resource smobs can check, in their free functions,
>    whether this has happened, by looking at the SCM_TYP16 of their
>    reference to the display smob.  If the display smob is still valid,
>    this will be scm_tc16_xdisplay, and the relevant X resource should
>    be freed as normal.  If the display smob has been freed earlier in
>    this sweep, GC will have set its SCM_TYP16 to scm_tc_free_cell;
>    this indicates that XCloseDisplay has already been called, and so
>    the relevant X resource no longer needs to be freed. */

Aha, so that's how it should be done. Is it the pointer (on the resource
SMOB), or the diplay SMOB itself that is marked? And in the latter cae,
what if the space has allready been reused, or can't that happend? And
what is the name of the C function to check the pointer for what type it


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