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markup.scm v3

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: markup.scm v3
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 12:52:39 -0800

this version separates the markup table procs from those of the client
(above "play!" vs below).  calling convention for the markup table
closure is same as that for `pgtable-manager'.  unrecognized keys are
delegated to the underlying table manager.

on the way in, external representation is canonicalized.  on the way
out, two methods of rendering are shown, one for html output, one for
pretty printing.  the latter, as well as the (client) samples, are now
congruent w/ the form documented in:

this is also known as "round trip" capability (ext -> int -> ext).


;;; Copyright (C) 2003 Thien-Thi Nguyen
;;; This program is provided under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.
;;; See for details.

;;; version: 3

(define-module (markup)
  :use-module (database postgres-table)
  :use-module (ttn display-table)
  :use-module (ice-9 pretty-print))

;; database

(define *db* (getenv "USER"))

;; table defs

(define *client-defs*
  '((project     text)
    (description int4)))                ; item count

;; display utilities

(define (display-tree tree)
  (if (list? tree)
      (for-each display-tree tree)
      (display tree)))

(define (>>table heading manager)
  (write-line heading)
  (display-table (tuples-result->table ((manager 'select) "*"))))

;; stylized selection and result transform

(define (get-rows manager order as . args)
  ((manager 'tuples-result->object-alist)
   ((manager 'select) "*"
    (where-clausifier (apply format #f as args))
    (if order (format #f "ORDER BY ~A" order) ""))))

(define (get-one-row manager as . args)
  (map (lambda (col)
         (cons (car col) (cadr col)))
       (apply get-rows manager #f as args)))

;; markup table interface: extend pgtable-manager

(define (markup-table-manager db name)
  (let ((m (pgtable-manager
            db name
            '((raw   text)
              (mtype text)
              (mdata text)
              (back  text)              ; client back pointer
              (seq   int4)))))          ; client sequence number

    (define (add ls back . canonicalize)
      (let loop ((ls ls) (count 0))
        (if (null? ls)
            count                       ; retval
            (let ((item (car ls)))
              (apply (m 'insert-col-values) '(back seq raw mtype mdata)
                     back count
                     (cond ((string? item) (list item #f #f))
                           ((null? canonicalize) item)
                           (else ((car canonicalize) item))))
              (loop (cdr ls) (1+ count))))))

    (define (del back)
      ((m 'delete-rows) (format #f "back = '~A'" back)))

    (define (upd ls back . canonicalize)
      (del back)                        ; ugh
      (add ls back canonicalize))

    (define (->tree back max-seq render)
      (let ((alist (get-rows m "seq" "back = '~A' AND seq < ~A"
                             back max-seq)))
        (map (lambda (raw mtype mdata)
               (if (string=? "" mtype)
                   (render raw (string->symbol mtype) mdata)))
             (assq-ref alist 'raw)
             (assq-ref alist 'mtype)
             (assq-ref alist 'mdata))))

    (lambda (choice)                    ; retval
      (case choice
        ((add) add)
        ((del) del)
        ((upd) upd)
        ((->tree) ->tree)
        (else (m choice))))))

;; play!

(let ((m (markup-table-manager *db* "markup_play"))
      (c (pgtable-manager *db* "client_play" *client-defs*)))

  (define (canonicalize-markup form)
    ;; Take one of:
    ;;   (url URL)
    ;;   (url URL TEXT)
    ;;   (email TEXT ADDR)
    ;; and return canonical form: (RAW MTYPE MDATA).
    ;; In the first case, the URL is taken to be both RAW and MDATA.
    (let ((type (car form)))
      (list (case type
              ((url) ((if (= 3 (length form)) caddr cadr) form))
              ((email) (cadr form))
              (else (error (format #f "bad form: ~A" form))))
            (symbol->string (car form))
            ((case type
               ((url) cadr)
               ((email) caddr))

  (define (DESC: x) (format #f "description:~A" x))

  (define (add-project ext)             ; external representation
    (let ((project (car (assq-ref ext 'name))))
      ((c 'insert-values)
       ((m 'add) (assq-ref ext 'description)
        (DESC: project) canonicalize-markup))))

  (define (render-markup raw mtype mdata)
    (case mtype
      ((url) (list "<A HREF=\"" mdata "\">" raw "</A>"))
      ((email) (list "<A HREF=\"mailto:"; mdata "\">" raw "</A>"))
      (else (error (format #f "bad markup type: ~A" mtype)))))

  (define (>>project project)
    (let* ((alist (get-one-row c "project = '~A'" project))
           (description (assq-ref alist 'description)))
      (format #t "project:     ~A\ndescription: " project)
      (display-tree ((m '->tree) (DESC: project) description render-markup)))

  (define (delete-project project)
    ((m 'del) (DESC: project))
    ((c 'delete-rows) (format #f "project = '~A'" project)))

  (define (externalize-markup raw mtype mdata)
    (case mtype
      ((url) (if (string=? raw mdata)
                 (list mtype raw)
                 (list mtype mdata raw)))
      ((email) (list mtype raw mdata))
      (else (error (format #f "unexpected mtype: ~A" mtype)))))

  (define (dump-project project)
    (let* ((alist (get-one-row c "project = '~A'" project))
           (description ((m '->tree) (DESC: project)
                         (assq-ref alist 'description)
           (form (list (list 'name project)
                       (cons 'description description))))
      (pretty-print form)))

  (define *samples*
     '((name "guile projects list maintenance")
        "This is the guile scheme code that maintains the "
        (url "";
             "guile projects list")
        ".  There are configurations for as well for "
        (url "";
             "the subset of the list") "."))
     '((name "guile-pg")
        "An interface to PostgreSQL from guile."))
     '((name "snd")
        (url "";)
        " is where you can find Snd."))
     '((name "hobbit")
        "The hobbit author is "
        (email "Tanel Tammet" "address@hidden") "."))))

  (define (*names* ls) (map (lambda (x) (car (assq-ref x 'name))) ls))

  ;;((m 'drop)) ((c 'drop))

  (write-line ((m 'create)))
  (write-line ((c 'create)))

  (for-each write-line (map add-project *samples*))

  (>>table "markup" m)
  (>>table "client" c)

  (for-each >>project (*names* *samples*))

  (write-line (delete-project (list-ref (*names* *samples*) 0)))
  (write-line (delete-project (list-ref (*names* *samples*) 1)))

  (>>table "markup" m)
  (>>table "client" c)

  (for-each dump-project (*names* (cddr *samples*)))

  (write-line ((c 'drop)))
  (write-line ((m 'drop))))

;;; markup.scm ends here

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