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guile-pg 0.15 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-pg 0.15 available
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:56:10 -0800

NEWS excerpt below.  tarball in:

this is mostly just peeling off functionality from the mondo
postgres-table module.  the big hurdle is still query langage mapping
(or mirroring), which current postgres-table handles in a half-assed way
that gets the job done but is far from elegant.  i started to look at
UncommonSQL (functional ql subset, not CLOS mapping) for inspiration,
and am still puzzling things out...  hints from lisp+sql gurus much


- 0.15 | 2003-01-15

  - New (database postgres) proc: `pg-connection?'

  - Extension to (database postgres-table) proc: `pgtable-manager'

        The first arg of this proc used to be a string naming the
        database to use.  Now it can additionally be an empty string,
        a string of space-separated "var=val" pairs, or an already
        existing connection object (satisfying `pg-connection?').

  - New (database postgres-meta) proc: `infer-defs'

  - New module: (database postgres-col-defs)
  - New module: (database postgres-resx)

        These provide procedures to handle column definitions and to
        transform result objects in various ways, respectively.

  - WARNING: column definition procs have moved

        The following procedures continue to be exported from (database
        postgres-table), but are now in (database postgres-col-defs):

                bye-bye                 hello
                -------                 -----
                def:col-name            column-name
                def:type-name           type-name
                def:type-options        type-options

        Sometime before 1.0 release they will no longer be exported from
        the (database postgres-table) module.

[excerpt ends here]

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