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From: Clinton Ebadi
Subject: GOOPS MOP Stuff
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 18:16:38 -0500
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I got my serializer to work (a big hack to requires modify oop/goops.scm to 
export %modify-instance, but it works for now). Now comes my question...

When I do a class-redefinition and all the methods that had a type signature 
with the old class in it, the old type is transformed into the new type, 
correct? What if I do (set! <foo> (class ...)) and then (add-method! foo 
(method ...)) followed by (class-redefinition <foo> <bar>)? And then repeat? 
Do the methods continue to build up in the foo generic without ever being 
collected, or do the new methods with the same type signature remove the old 
ones? This could be a bit of a problem for my program if they continued to 
build up forever (is there a way to explicitely remove a method from a 

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