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Re: Guile and the Free Software Directory

From: rm
Subject: Re: Guile and the Free Software Directory
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 15:58:42 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 07:32:36PM +0100, Marius Vollmer wrote:
> We would make sure for each entry in our database, there is a
> corresponding entry in the Free Software Directory.  The entry would
> be deleted from our database.  Hopefully our databse is empty after
> that and can be 'decommissioned'.
> > While think it migh be a nice idea for the projects to also show up
> > on the FSD site (but the projects maintainer should decide) i think
> > there really should be a well- maintained list of Guile-related
> > software on the Guile website as well.
> I would like to avoid the double maintainance.  We don't need to
> duplicate something that is already there and useful.  When the FSD
> has shortcomings, we should try to improve the FSD itself instead of
> rejecting it.

Ok, double maintainance _is_ a problem (but that could be left to
a script ;-)

> > This is the place people will look at to see the current state of
> > Guile. I'd hate to have to dig through the FSD to find out about
> > some Guile bindings to a library
> We can link to the FSD in general and to a pre-frabricated query so
> that only Guile relevant entries are listed.

Sound reasonable ...

> > (not only is the UI suboptimal, there's no way to apply a filter to
> > only see 'Guile projects').
> We might make a new category (with subcategories) and put the Guile
> related packages in it.

If this is a possibility i'd say to go for it. 

> > What, actually, _is_ the problem with the current setup? From Thi's
> > comment i grok it's rather a political than a technical, or did i 
> > get something wrong? 
> Technically, I think it is wrong to maintain a projects database when
> there is already one that can do the job.  There is nothing
> politically wrong about our current database, it is only unfortunate
> that the person willing to maintain it can not have write access to
> the repository (since I decided back then that I didn't trust him
> enough and I haven't reconsidered yet).

I see the technical reasons. As for the current maintainer: i think
this situation needs to be resolved. The current setup only seems to
create problems and frustration -- a maintainer without write access
has a hard time doing his job ...

> > > (The task of actually moving the entries can probably not be fully
> > > automated, so it would be great if we can find some people to help
> > > with it.)
> > 
> > I'm happy to help keeping the current site up to date ...
> Would you also be willing to help find an arrangement where we use the
> FSD as our 'backend'?


 Ralf Mattes

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