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From: Prank Calls
Subject: Prank-a-friend
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 21:13:28 +0100


How to Inflict the Prank Call:

1 Dial 0906 664 1902
2 Select the prank [Eg: Inland Revenue, My Daughter`s Pregnant].
3 Enter your victims telephone number.
4 Listen to their reaction as the computer dials out to them!

==Now includes these features==

# Listen in as your victim is wound up.
# Voice recognition - reacts according to your victims response.
# Automatically records jokes, to let your friends hear the prank later.

Data ticket:8413977. Calls to 0906 664 1902 cost one pound and fifty pence per 
minute. Service provider: TPX 0871 872 3731. To not receive future promotions 
please call 0871 872 3731.

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