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[Announce] dmd -0.5

From: Wolfgang Jaehrling
Subject: [Announce] dmd -0.5
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 14:12:53 +0200
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Announcement: dmd -0.5

About this release:
This version (code named "sunflower-seeds-talking-with-pizza-crums")
is a cleanup-release.  Not only the maintainability of the code has
been optimized, the consistency of the user-visible parts has also
been improved (since they have been completely reviewed).  Now we are
well prepaired for some more significant changes.  Note that dmd is
still in a rather early alpha stage of development.

About the software:
The dmd program is a "Daemon managing Daemons" (or "Daemons-managing
Daemon"?), i.e. a service manager, that is entirely written in Guile,
the extension language of the GNU project.  It provides a replacement
for the service-managing capabillities of SysV-init (or any other
init) with a both powerfull and beautiful dependency-based system with
a convenient interface.  It is intended for use on GNU/Hurd, but it is
supposed to work on every POSIX-like system where Guile is available.
In particular, it has been tested on GNU/Linux.

Get it from <>.


"A good programming language should have features that make the kind
of people who use the phrase `software engineering' shake their heads
disapprovingly." -- Paul Graham

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