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goops: union for class-slots

From: Anders Vinjar
Subject: goops: union for class-slots
Date: 10 Jul 2003 08:58:33 +0200
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In goops.scm theres a method 'class-slots which can be defined
for a new meta-class.  So a quick question: does anyone already
have a method on 'class-slots which returns the union of the
various slot-definitions for a class?

what i'd like:

(define-class <super> ()
  (name #:init-keyword #:name #:init-form 'joe #:getter sname))

(define-class <sub> (<super>)
  (name #:accessor sname))

and have 

(make <sub>)

return an object with 'name initialized to 'joe.


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