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Problems with some SRFI modules

From: Alex Thiel
Subject: Problems with some SRFI modules
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:43:30 +0200
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I am seeing a strange behavior when I try to access SRFI modules
interactively. The problem occurs when the SRFI module has been loaded
from the command-line. Here is an example:

> guile  --use-srfi=13 -c '(string-join)'
ERROR: Wrong number of arguments to string-join

behaves as expected, but

> echo '(string-join)' | guile --use-srfi=13
In standard input:
   1: 0* [gsubr-apply #<primitive-procedure string-join>]

standard input:1:1: In procedure gsubr-apply in expression Segmentation fault

does not. It seems that this problem occurs only with SRFIs that are
implemented in C (i.e. I saw a similar behavior with srfi-1, but not
srfi-9). I can reproduce this with guile version 1.6.4 and latest CVS.

Is this a known problem, or maybe even expected behavior?



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