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Re: Functions in libguile vs SRFIs

From: Nic
Subject: Re: Functions in libguile vs SRFIs
Date: 15 Jul 2003 23:18:57 +0100

Stephen Compall <address@hidden> writes:

> On the functions now duplicated (some with slight enhancements) 
> between libguile and the SRFIs: 
> Are the ones in libguile (going to be) deprecated?  If not, are the 
> SRFI versions preferred?  If not, IMHO, they should be, for the sake 
> of modularity (not to mention standards). 

On this note: is the guile team interested in getting documentation
patches which merge the doc of srfi's into the body of the doc? 

For example: the section on Compound-Types/Lists includes all the
srfi-1 functions.

I'd be happy to do the occasional documentation patch on this basis.

Nic Ferrier

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