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Re: primitive inclusion

From: Steve Tell
Subject: Re: primitive inclusion
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:23:16 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Peter S. Christopher wrote:

> Hi listers,
>       I'm having a problem finding a primitive function in one of my
> modules. Here is the setup. I have a C program which (after
> booting guile) defines a routine a-la:
> scm_c_define_gsubr("dvect?", 1, 0 ,0, dvect_p);
> Then the program loads a file using
> scm_c_primitive_load("root.scm");
> At the top of root.scm I include a module via: (use-modules (slab)) Now
> within the text of the slab.scm I expect to use dcect?. However, the guile
> cannot reference dvect? -- it can't find it. The problem is that dvect? is
> being put in the (guile-user) module. And the slab module can't see it.
> I've tried to (use-modules (guile-user)) and this seems to have no effect.
> Does anyone have any ideas how I can get it so that the slab module can
> see dvect? ?  

I had similar problems trying to make a program compatible with both
guile-1.5/1.6 and guile-1.4 - one of the differences between the two is
which module C primitives end up in vs. the default module that scheme
code runs in.

I came up with this hack, placed immediately after initializing guile and
before defining primitives to make guile-1.6 behave enough like 1.4:

        {       SCM exp = scm_c_read_string("(define-module (guile))");
                scm_primitive_eval_x(exp);     }

While this works, making guile 1.6 behave like 1.4 isn't really the way to
go any longer.

I see that the guile-1.6.4 reference manual has a nice section "Accessing
Modules from C."  (thanks authors!)

When writing a program for guile >= 1.6 only, it appears that one should
use scm_c_define_module() to place their C primitives into the desired
application-specfic module.


> Thanks for any help,
> Pete
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