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Re: number->string radix patch (Was Re: First look at Guile Std Library

From: Robert Uhl
Subject: Re: number->string radix patch (Was Re: First look at Guile Std Library available)
Date: 07 Jan 2004 13:54:37 -0700
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Richard Todd <address@hidden> writes:
> > Of course, now my one idea for how to contribute to Guile is gone. 
> There's plenty of things that people can do!

Perhaps I should better have written, 'the one area I might have had
something to contribute in is now gone.'  I'm not very good at
programming, I'm afraid, despite how much I like it.  Sad but true.

The general radix conversion algorithm was the one thing I though I
might have a chance at.  Of course, I couldn't wrap my head around the
_old_ code, so that's really rather doubtful.

> Please, if you haven't, do try this patch and tell me if you see any
> problems with the conversions.

I'm afraid that I don't actually have an up-to-date guile installation
to test against.  Maybe this'll give me an incentive to do it.

The one thought I had was that it should be possible to do away with the
static array initialisation.  Maybe someday I'll be able to work on

Once again, thanks for the good work.

Robert Uhl <address@hidden>
The power of Satan is as nothing before the might of the Lord, so don't
go getting any ideas.                             --I Abyssinians 20:20

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