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Re: static linking

From: Rouben Rostamian
Subject: Re: static linking
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 22:55:46 -0500

Thank you, Rob, for responding to my message regarding static linking
with libguile.  Yours is the only response I have received to that
query.  The message was posted about 20 days ago, so I had given up
hope of getting any sort of response.

You asked:

> First question -- what system are you running on and where did your
> guile libs come from?  i.e. Debian unstable, Debian stable, home
> built, some other dist, etc.

I compiled it myself from the 1.6.4 distribution.  My system's
specs were in the original message.  I will reproduce it here:

   Linux kernel: 2.4.21
   gcc: 3.3.1
   guile: 1.6.4

Additionally, the system is SuSE 9.0 and runs on glibc 2.3.2.

If you figure out how to do static linking with libguile, I would really
appreciate it if you would let me know.  In particular, since you have
cc-ed your message to guile-devel, if you get useful feedback there,
please let me know since I do not subscribe to guile-devel.


Rouben Rostamian

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