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guile-sdl 0.2.2 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-sdl 0.2.2 available
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 05:18:24 +0100

README excerpt:

  This directory contains guile-sdl, a set of modules that provide
  bindings for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) to enable Guile
  programmers to do all the nice things you can do with SDL.
  Most of the SDL functions have been wrapped with the exception of a
  few functions that were too C-centric.  The SDL Threads and the Audio
  funcions haven't been included because of the problems with Guile code
  being run from more than one thread.  However audio programming can be
  done with the module `(sdl mixer)' that requires the SDL_mixer

cvs tag:


tarball, anoncvs instructions, and other files in dir:

NEWS excerpt below.  the observant will note that the "+ 0.2" in TODO
has relapsed to "- 0.2.x"; there will be at least 0.2.3 and maybe more,
depending on what bugs/issues arise as i convert some demos that used
to use Projector to use guile-sdl instead.


 - 0.2.2 | 2004-02-08
   - bug fix: module (sdl sdl) no longer loads (ice-9 syncase)
   - bug fix: roto-zoom-surface arg zoom no longer ignored
   - bug fix: all-but-last optional args now handle #f as "unspecified"
         If a procedure takes optional only one optional arg, that
         procedure has not changed.
         If a procedure takes more than one optional arg, all but the
         last of such args now handle #f the same as being "unspecified".
         To have the last optional arg be interpreted as "unspecified",
         simply omit it!
         This change was motivated to allow specification of the last
         optional arg while "not really specifying" the others.  Here is
         a list of procedures (and the optional args involved) that were
         changed, grouped by module:
     - (sdl mixer)
         open-audio -- freq format chunksize
         play-channel -- channel loops ticks
         play-music -- loops
         volume -- volume
         expire-channel -- channel
         fade-out-channel -- which
         fade-out-group -- tag
     - (sdl sdl)
         cd-play-tracks -- start-track start-frame n-tracks n-frames
         cd-msf->frames -- s f
         make-keysym -- sym
         roto-zoom-surface -- zoom
         zoom-surface -- zoomy
         blit-surface -- srcrect dst dstrect
         list-modes -- pixel-format flags
   - arity relaxation
         The last arg for some procedures has been made optional.  Code
         specifying these args still works (backwards-compatible change).
         Here is a list of procs -- all in module (sdl sdl) -- and their
         affected args:
         set-clip-rect -- rect
         set-caption -- icon
         video-mode-ok -- flags

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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