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Debian packages for guile-gtk-1.2 CVS

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Debian packages for guile-gtk-1.2 CVS
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:52:19 +0100
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  I made unofficial Debian packages from guile-gtk-1.2 CVS. I started with
original Hamish's packages from Debian unstable and made following

  * I renamed the packages to libgtk1.2-guile and libgtk1.2-guile-dev, since
    I felt that long package names (like libguilegtkglarea) are very hard to
    read and moreover there are already packages with names like libgtk-
    perl, libgtk-ruby16 so I guess this is more consistent with Debian
    naming conventions (I do not know if exactly these are explicit or not)

  * I made new packages for new library bindings to prevent increase
    dependencies of libgtk1.2-guile package. Now there is libglade0-guile,
    libgdk-pixbuf-guile and gtkglarea-guile.

  * The package has version 0.31+cvs20040128

        deb .
        deb-src .

  I have not made many Debian packages in past, in fact I am quite new to
this. So please have mercy when you judge my work. It is possible that I
unintentionally broke some Debian packaging policies or made a mistake. 
I would appreciate any help or advice in this area.


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