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hobbit compiler working with guile-1.6.4

From: Bernard Urban
Subject: hobbit compiler working with guile-1.6.4
Date: 17 Feb 2004 15:54:03 +0100

For people who do not already know:

What is hobbit ?
Hobbit is a Scheme to C compiler, originally written for SCM by  
Tanel Tammet (address@hidden). It compiles all R4RS (with the
exception of mutual tail recursion and hygienic macros).
Defmacros are supported. The Guile module system can be used
with some caution, see section about modules in the man page.

As the subject says, this release works with the current stable guile.
Among the noticeable user visible changes: 
- a real man page
- no more need to define compile-allnumbers if you want floating point 

I have no personal download area, so if a kind fellow on
this list can point me to some incoming directory of a ftp server, or
accept to receive directly the tar ball (350 Kb)...

A Debian package is also available.


Bernard Urban

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