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Re: String syntax changed?

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: String syntax changed?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:52:07 +0100
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address@hidden (Paul Jarc) writes:

> Roland Orre <address@hidden> wrote:
>>      (begin (display "$\\scriptstyle{P(A\|D)}$") (newline))
> ...
>> ERROR: #<unknown port>:1:38: illegal character in escape sequence: #\|
>> ABORT: (read-error)
>> ERROR: Unbound variable: D
>> ABORT: (unbound-variable)
> Hm.  With different string contents, this could have done something
> dangerous.  I'm not sure what could have been done about it, though.

We could gobble up the rest of the string after detecting an error.
Any takers?

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