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Re: Guile + pthreads + reentrancy?

From: bindej
Subject: Re: Guile + pthreads + reentrancy?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 16:19:24 -0500

Mikael Djurfeldt writes:

 > The thread support in Guile has undergone two revisions since the
 > version you are using.  Do you have constraints for which version of
 > Guile to use?  Current CVS HEAD have full pthreads support, which
 > should make you able to remove the message queue and access Guile
 > directly from each thread.

Thanks for your reply.  I would prefer not to require my users to
install a CVS version of Guile.  On the other hand my package is in
very early development right now, so the next version of Guile may be
released before we release anything.

Is there any chance of a backport?  I would imagine not, because the
changes seem extensive.

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