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Guile standard library, take 2 ("Arch")

From: Andreas Rottmann
Subject: Guile standard library, take 2 ("Arch")
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 22:33:55 +0100
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I just am working on a Guile-based project[0]), and I accumulate some
code that I consider of general usefulness. I intend to factor out all
that stuff, which includes an SRFI-35 implementation (see [1]), into a
separate GNU Arch archive. The code I accumulated so far (except the
SRFI-35 stuff) is quite rough around the edges, but I think it would
make sense to have it in one place (i.e. archive) with the Guile
std-lib. I now have quite some experience with Arch and could probably
offer tla-pqm[2] access to that archive, just in case others want to
add their generic Guile-stuff ;-)

So, now for the organizational part: Richard, you mentioned a savannah
project. AFAICS, there is nothing like that yet. For starting the
archive, I'd like to have the latest code of your guile-library and a
general OK to start things the Arch way. I consider an archive layout
*rougly* like this:

std--dev--0 # The code now in guile-library-0.1.tar.gz
experimental--dev--0 # Accumulation place; code not necessarily
                       accompanied with tests and documentation

There will be more branches once we decide to release the stuff.

Ah, and there you can learn about GNU Arch at


Cheers, Andy
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