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ITLA (was Re: Arch and Guile)

From: Tom Lord
Subject: ITLA (was Re: Arch and Guile)
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 11:04:02 -0800 (PST)

    > From: Andreas Rottmann <address@hidden>

    > Using Arch would also make stuff easier for the "mainstream" Guile
    > developers to maintain their stable and development branches: They
    > could have an guile--fixes--1.6 branch, wich they'd simple star-merge
    > into HEAD.

Should work in this area start to take place, please let me know if I
can help in any way.

    > I'm not totally clear what you mean here, and how that relates to an
    > Arch<->CVS gateway. Anyway, you might be interested in my ITLA
    > thingy[0].

You appear to have left out the footnote.

I'd like to point out some info about the ITLA idea.  ITLA is not, at
it's core, tla specific -- it's a generic engine for making
interactive Scheme programs, both CLI and GUI.


Particularly the section "How it Would Work" which begins:

  * How it Would Work

    ITLA would be written as an "extensible shell".

    Most likely, especially since arch is a GNU project, in Guile.
    SCSH, MzScheme, and Systas Scheme are other possibilities.

    It's architecture would somewhat resemble Emacs' in the following
    way: [....]

The ITLA framework is one of the target applications for Pika Scheme
but it will be a long time before Pika is ready to start implementing
it.   There's no reason not to start on the framework earlier, using
Guile (and many good reasons to do so).


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