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Goodbye and handover

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Goodbye and handover
Date: 10 Mar 2004 14:48:06 +0000
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For various personal reasons[1] I've decided to end my involvement in
free software development.

I plan to keep listening to the Guile lists for another two months, to
finish the threads that I'm already involved in, and to handover any
of my work that someone wants to take on.

This means that the following projects (outside guile-core) will be
looking for a new active maintainer.
- guile-xlib (Guile bindings for Xlib).
- guile-gui (Guile REPL in a Gtk window).
- guile-interactive (support for interactive command line
- Bits and pieces to do with simple databases, backup and filesys
I think Andreas Rottman will pull some of this into his Guile library
project, but probably not all of it.  Please let me know if you're
interested in taking any of these over.

Inside guile-core, there are pieces that are mostly or exclusively my
- lang/elisp - Emacs Lisp translation.
- ice-9/debugger/* - debugging enhancements (breakpoints).
- emacs/gds* - support for developing Guile under Emacs.
There should be enough doc accompanying these for someone else to pick
up in the future.  However, if anyone would like to take these areas
in hand, a more controlled handover would surely be beneficial, so
please let me know.

Although, as I said, I will hang around for a while yet, this is a
good place to say that I've really enjoyed working on Guile.  I have
no doubt that it will eventually win substantial mindshare among free
software developers, because all its fundamentals are so neat.  Good
luck to all who continue the work!


[1] Which I'm happy to disclose to anyone interested - just ask.

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