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Guile & Sablotron

From: Brian S McQueen
Subject: Guile & Sablotron
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 09:32:05 -0800 (PST)

I have a project in mind, and I would like to discuss it on the list here
before I get started.  I want to put a Guile interface on the Sablotron

Sablotron is the library for XSLT processing.  Its the one used int
Apache's Axkit:

In the short term I want to be able to use Sablotron as my template
engine, from my Scheme programs.  In the longterm I want to add this
Guile/Sablotron binding to the Recluse web server:

In Recluse, the guy (Mr. C. Ray C., who reads this list) has added Guile
to the slim, fast thttp web server. This web server has a scheme config
file, and seamless execution of scheme code for dynamic content

The addition of Sablotron to the web server will produce a very effective
platform for web development for us Scheme lovers.  I want to produce an
environment for the creativity and productivity of the Scheme community to
prosper, and one in which I enjoy working.  I am continually annoyed with
the Java/Tomcat projects, and I believe they are headed off into the
weeds.  I want to have a similar environment for the Scheme folks.

So the big picture presented here may be interesting to some folks, and
may be worth discussing.  But in particular I want help designing the
correct way to export Sablotron to Guile.  The Sablotron API is very C
oriented.  A more functional style interface needs to be provided for use
in Scheme.  I don't know which way to go there yet.

Who is interested in these projects?

Guile & Sablotron!  Who is interested?  I need to discuss this with
someone!  TTN!  You do a lot of web work.  Using a template engine is the
way to go for handling the presentation of data.  The programs can produce
generic data of this sort:


        <division id="North">

        <division id="South">

        <division id="West">


That could be the output of a single stored proc in your database.  The
template engine turns that into html via a style sheet (or pdf, or other

Folks, the Guile project is great!  I really want it to stay alive and
prosper, and this XML/XSLT technology is good stuff.  We need to provide
access to it via Scheme so we can continue to attract new, energetic,
productive developers to the Scheme community.  It will be very good for
the Guile project!

Brian McQueen
NAS Division

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