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From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: modules
Date: 20 Mar 2004 21:40:28 -0800
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Hi, I am fairly new to guile.  So far I am just exploring it as just
another Lisp/Scheme, and writing toy programs in Scheme.

In that connection, I have two questions related to the module system.

1/ How can I customize a module during loading?  In Emacs Lisp, 
I can either:

a) set a global variable, for instance 

(setq foo-module:bar 'baz)

prior to loading a library "foo-module".  If that library itself does

(defvar foo-module:bar)

it picks up the value that was previously set.  But in Scheme, set! only
works on variables that have already been define'd, and a define creates
a new variable totally unrelated to the existing value.

b) use eval-after-load; is there any equivalent in guile?

2/ The documentation for eval says the second argument can be a module.
But how can I get an actual module object?  I tried

(eval foo '(ice-9 rw))

but I get 

Wrong type argument in position 2 (expecting MODULEP): (ice-9 rw)
ABORT: (wrong-type-arg)

Neither the section on using modules or the section on defining them seems
to list any API for getting a module "thing".

Nothing can be explained to a stone.
Or to a stoned person, either.

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