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From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: records
Date: 26 Mar 2004 15:36:59 -0800
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I'd like to use guile's facility of defining record types, instead of
faking it with vectors, but I find it quite inconvenient.  Guile doesn't
directly provide the various functions associated with a record type
(predicate, constructor, accessors, mutators) but only a "record descriptor"
that can be further queried to extract the functions.

This seems to force me to make the record descriptor a global:

(define foo-rtd (make-record-type "foo" 'bar 'baz))
(define foo? (record-predicate foo-rtd))
(define make-foo (record-constructor foo-rtd))
(define foo-bar (record-accessor foo-rtd 'bar))
(define set-foo-bar! (record-modifier foo-rtd 'bar))

Instead, I itch to write

(let ((foo-rtd (make-record-type "foo" 'bar 'baz)))
  (define foo? (record-predicate foo-rtd))

but this of course doesn't work because the define is local. 

What is the idiomatic way to do this?

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Or to a stoned person, either.

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