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Re: Guile 6.4 on NCR MPRAS

From: Kevin Pendleton
Subject: Re: Guile 6.4 on NCR MPRAS
Date: 30 Mar 2004 17:30:44 -0700

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 15:05, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Kevin Pendleton <address@hidden> writes:
> >
> > When checking for gethostbyname, it fails both
> > times, (undefined reference to `gethostbyname'), with and without
> > -lnsl.
> config.log will contain the code of the failing program, you can see
> if it works or if it needs to be massaged.
I am also working on compiling some other programs and I noticed that
Tcl's configure was able to find gethostbyname, so I took a look at the
way it is done there and noticed this comment:
#   Check for the existence of the -lsocket and -lnsl libraries.
#   The order here is important, so that they end up in the right
#   order in the command line generated by make.  Here are some
#   special considerations:
#   1. Use "connect" and "accept" to check for -lsocket, and
#      "gethostbyname" to check for -lnsl.
#   2. Use each function name only once:  can't redo a check because
#      autoconf caches the results of the last check and won't redo it.
#   3. Use -lnsl and -lsocket only if they supply procedures that
#      aren't already present in the normal libraries.  This is because
#      IRIX 5.2 has libraries, but they aren't needed and they're
#      bogus:  they goof up name resolution if used.
#   4. On some SVR4 systems, can't use -lsocket without -lnsl too.
#      To get around this problem, check for both libraries together
#      if -lsocket doesn't work by itself.

Looking at the configure for guile it attempts to find connect after
gethostbyname, etc.  Comparing the two configure files, there have been
some small changes to those functions as well.  It looks like guile's
configure was made with Autoconf 2.57 and Tcl's configure was made with
Autoconf 2.59.  Is it possible that this has already been hashed out and
resolved?  What is the best way to recreate configure?  Should I just
manually change configure and send in the diff?

> I see libtool AC_CHECK_LIBM knows to do this on *-ncr-sysv4.3*.  We
> should either use that, or do something similar.  Does a program using
> say "cos" fail to link if -lm is used but not -lmw too?
I know I have had problems with this in the past but am currently unable
to remember with what.


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